Imagine having sex with a girl and she turns into a legit monster
Do you continue fucking her or do you run away?

does the pussy stay human pussy or does it become monster pussy? will she kill me if my stroke weak? if the condom breaks, will i create an x men baby? do monsters get the clap? its levels to this shit and i need answers.

Omg I’m dying

I am halfway through my weight loss goal as of today! I can see and feel the difference in my body. And I actually feel like I can make it for the first time since I set it. I am only ten pounds from my post-Amy weight and 20 from post-Pig. Means only 40lbs to go. It sounded like a lot when I started- 40lbs. And I’ve had some set backs, but now I know I can do it and I know I’m gonna feel amazing when I do.

This is what mommy shaming looks like, and it needs to stop. These are comments posted under a picture of a little boy in a princess costume next to another of him in a super hero costume. I did not include those pictures as they are not mine to share. But these comments from Jordan and Randi? Mommy shaming. I am a wonderful mother. My children are happy, healthy, and smart. They get kisses and hugs and bedtime stories and toys enough that I’m pretty sure we could open a store. They also have boundaries and rules and consequences. Maybe they’re different from yours, and that’s ok. What’s not okay is you insinuating (or flat out saying) that my children are some how deprived or abused or stunted because of how I raise them. You want to put your son in a dress? Fine. Right on. More power to ya. I won’t be putting mine in one.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Hopefully this means our Karma is back in balance and I can finally let go of all my guilt. But if history serves, there will be a stupid excuse tomorrow and another empty promise to make it up. The only question I need to ask is do I give a pithy response or a caustic one?